Legal Expense Insurance

The coverage, the whole coverage and nothing but the coverage

Legal expenses are a hassle, so our Legal Expense Insurance covers all associated legal fees (including lawyers’ fees) for legal situations affecting you or your business.

uBiz covers the costs of legal defense if criminal charges are brought against you, property protection or tax protection if—yikes!—you’re ever audited.

Peace of mind on the line

uBiz offers unlimited access to telephone legal advice on a variety of legal matters. For help. Peace of mind. Or just a good night’s sleep.

So what’s covered legally? 

  • Legal defense if there’s an allegation of a criminal charge (even that darn traffic ticket!) or breach of privacy legislation
  • Property protection if someone interferes with the enjoyment of your property, causes a nuisance or trespasses
  • Tax protection if your business is audited by the CRA or you’d like to appeal a CRA decision