5 Tips for Mastering the Coffee Shop Client Meeting

When you run a business out of your home, freelance, or are in the process of developing a start-up, coffee shops seem to be a place you frequent. Whether it’s your need for coffee to put in the long hours necessary to get your business off the ground, a place to get some work done outside of your home, or simply somewhere to relax, regardless of whether it’s Timmy’s, Starbucks or a local spot, coffee shops are frequented by small business owners.


People also visit them on a regular basis because they are an ideal meeting spot, especially if your home office is not set up to host clients or you prefer to meet clients in a public space. Even though you may be meeting in a coffee shop, business is still your top priority, which is why you need to become a master of coffee shop client meetings.


Here are some useful tips to help you have successful and productive coffee shop meetings:


1. Choose a Location You Are Familiar With
Familiarity is important when having a coffee shop meeting. Meeting in a location you know can help you feel more comfortable. You will know how to get there, where to park, and where to sit. You will also know whether or not the café has Wi-Fi, or it is the ideal setting to meet a client.


2. Bring All the Technology You’ll Need
Being prepared for any meeting is important to make it a productive one. However, meeting at a coffee shop comes with its own unique considerations. Make sure you come with all the technology you’ll need for your interview – laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Also, make sure your devices are fully charged, and bring their chargers, just in case.


3. Arrive Early and Set Up
Arriving early gives you the chance to set up, get your computer ready, and find a great spot to sit. It also gives you a few minutes to prepare, review notes, or simply take a breather and relax for a minute.


4. Buy the Coffee (and Snacks!)
Always offer to buy the coffee, especially if you are the one who set up the meeting. It’s also considerate to buy some snacks, especially if you plan to meet for more than an hour. Don’t forget to save the receipt and track it as a business expense!


5. Stick to the Agreed Upon Meeting Time
It’s common for meetings to run long, especially at coffee shops. Since you are in a more casual environment, it’s common for the conversation to become more casual, as well. However, if you plan to meet for an hour, let’s say from 1pm to 2pm, as 2pm approaches, ask your client if they have to leave. This shows you respect their time. If they agree to keep chatting, great – carry on!


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