Welcome to the Freelance Era

Technology has had a profound impact on how people work, our careers, and our aspirations to be our own bosses. In an economy that is now more decentralized than ever, there has never been more opportunity for professionals to buck the traditional 9-5 and have more control over their careers.

How Decentralized Has the Economy Become?

According to Spera, “There are now over 53 million of us in the U.S. alone who do work and make money without ‘owning a business’ or reporting to an office with a boss every day. By 2020, it is estimated that over half the workforce will be working independent of a traditional employer, free agents of their trade.”

In Canada, there are now well over 1 million small businesses.

Today, being a freelancer and owning your own small business is a REAL and VIABLE career option.