Five Things People Don’t Tell You About Starting a Business

Owning a small business and working from home is becoming increasingly common today. While technology makes it possible for people to work remotely from virtually anywhere, and as the economy becomes increasingly decentralized, most people still have a romantic view about what it’s like to start a business.


Here are 5 things that people don’t tell you about starting a small business:

How to Separate Home and Business When Working from Home

Each day, thousands of Canadians head to their home office, garage, spare bedroom, or basement to start their work day. One of the biggest issues and most difficult aspects of working from home is creating separation between work and home life.


“When you exclusively work from home, physical boundaries between work and play can feel virtually nonexistent. Even if you're highly organized, it can still be difficult to successfully manage your career and a household in the same space, especially if you're raising a family, too,” says Shannon Gausepohl in Business Daily News.

The Ins and Outs of Business-to-Business Gift Giving

Business-to-business gift giving can be a touchy subject. Some companies have no issues with it, others have specific rules and limits, and others are dead set against it. Even though your intention is to show your appreciation to a colleague for their hard work or a client for their loyalty and business, it can be a challenge to know if you should give out gifts, to whom, and which type of gift to give.

How to Hit the Ground Running This September

Labour Day is many people’s last chance to enjoy the summer weather before the kids go back to school. It’s also the time of year where business starts to pick up again, and for small businesses that rely on the increased traffic, it’s vital that you are ready to hit the ground running and finish up the calendar year strong.


Do the Work Up Front


Naturally, you will need to do the bulk of the work up front – and hopefully you have taken some time during the summer to plan and get your business ready for this busy time of the year. If you didn’t do it this summer, that’s okay – there is still plenty of time to get ramped up – you just may need to put in some extra time during the fall.


Treat September 1st as the Start of the New Business Year


Since September is the time of year where people are arguably most business-focused...

4-Step Approach for Successful DIY Social Media for Home-based Business

Home-based business owners tend to have a DIY attitude. After all, it’s likely one of the key factors that made you want to be a business owner and go out on your own.

Not surprisingly, you also probably choose to shoulder the bulk of business tasks and operations. You run the day-to-day operations, manage the finances, handle the marketing, and with the rise in importance of having a social presence online, you manage your business social media accounts.

Why Home-based Businesses Need to Take Advantage of Social Media

Getting the most done on limited resources is key for home-based businesses. Since traditional marketing can be expensive, social media is the more affordable, and potentially just as effective, alternative.

“Traditional marketing can be a drain on your funds. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is pretty low-cost and gives you a direct line to current and prospective customers...

Welcome to the Freelance Era

Technology has had a profound impact on how people work, our careers, and our aspirations to be our own bosses. In an economy that is now more decentralized than ever, there has never been more opportunity for professionals to buck the traditional 9-5 and have more control over their careers.

How Decentralized Has the Economy Become?

According to Spera, “There are now over 53 million of us in the U.S. alone who do work and make money without ‘owning a business’ or reporting to an office with a boss every day. By 2020, it is estimated that over half the workforce will be working independent of a traditional employer, free agents of their trade.”

In Canada, there are now well over 1 million small businesses.

Today, being a freelancer and owning your own small business is a REAL and VIABLE career option.

Clients Request Specific Insurance Coverage? The Benefits of Online Business Insurance

We all know that small and home-based businesses require business insurance to protect themselves from potential risk or losses, which could seriously threaten the survivability of their business. There are many types of small businesses that are required to show proof of insurance on a regular basis – landscaping and construction immediately come to mind. The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides a list of some of the main types of business insurance you may need for your business.

However, even with adequate coverage, you may run into a situation where a client requires you to carry additional or a different type of insurance as a contingency of doing business with them. For example, if you are a renovation company and you are bidding for a contract with a large organization, you may be required to have a certain level of liability insurance.

Should You Let Employees Work in Your Home? 5 Things to Consider

There are thousands of small businesses that have been started around the kitchen table. If you operate a business from your home, you are not alone. Far from it, actually. A recent survey of American companies found that 69% of entrepreneurs start their businesses at home, and more than half continue to operate their business from home after it’s up and running.

When most people think of home-based businesses, they envision it being a one-person operation. Quite the opposite, says survey author Donna Kelley:

“Home-based businesses may evoke an image of the sole entrepreneur working out of a spare bedroom or garage, perhaps with one or several cofounders. Somewhat surprisingly, though, only one-fourth of the entrepreneurs surveyed stated they had no employees working for their businesses.”

This brings up a few important questions:

• Should you let employees work in your home?

Home Based Business Technology Must Haves

Thanks to advancements in technology and small business friendly service apps (we’ll get to that), there has never been an easier time to start a business from your home. Armed with only your entrepreneurial spirit, even those of us with average computing skills can muddle their way through to launching a website in just one day – thank you WordPress!

But whether you are starting a dog-walking service or finally making the leap and quitting your day job to launch your accounting practice – there are a few technology basics you need to have in place.

Technology Basics

Let’s talk hardware and connection. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to connect effectively and efficiently with a business you are trying to do business with. Customers want exceptional service. If they can’t reach you in the manner in which they are used to,