The Working Vacation – A Realistic Option for Small Business Owners

For many small business owners, taking a vacation can seem like a pipe dream. Running a business takes a lot of your time, and as a small operation, many small business owners don’t have the luxury of handing over the keys to another who can steer the ship while they enjoy a week on the beach.

The good news is that, even though you may not be able to completely disconnect and take a vacation, taking a working vacation is an option that allows you to get a break from everyday business while keeping tabs on things. Plus, you can satisfy your family’s desire to get away.

So, What Is a Working Vacation?

It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a vacation where you spend a portion of your time working. A working vacation doesn’t have to mean you are simply putting in your hours from an exotic locale.

4 Simple Ways to Create a Mental Divide Between Home and Work Life

Having a good work-life balance is one of the best, and can also be one of the most difficult, aspects of running a home-based business.

Most people are good a creating a physical work-home divide when running a business out of the home. They create a work space that is separate from the rest of the house and use it as their primary place of business. Contractors, landscapers, and renovation professionals have their workshops, while accountants, freelancers, brokers, and marketing professionals have their dedicated office space.

Creating a mental divide between home and work life is much more challenging. While we can build physical walls to separate work from life at home, there’s no “off” switch telling your brain it’s time to shut down and un-wind. Setting realistic limitations in order to avoid burn out and create work-life balance will contribute greatly to your success as a small business owner working out of the home.