Clients Request Specific Insurance Coverage? The Benefits of Online Business Insurance

We all know that small and home-based businesses require business insurance to protect themselves from potential risk or losses, which could seriously threaten the survivability of their business. There are many types of small businesses that are required to show proof of insurance on a regular basis – landscaping and construction immediately come to mind. The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides a list of some of the main types of business insurance you may need for your business.


However, even with adequate coverage, you may run into a situation where a client requires you to carry additional or a different type of insurance as a contingency of doing business with them. For example, if you are a renovation company and you are bidding for a contract with a large organization, you may be required to have a certain level of liability insurance. If the amount in your current policy is less than the client requires, then you will need to increase your liability coverage amount to win the contract.


The Benefits of Online Business Insurance


In a situation where you are bidding for a contract, being able to get business insurance online could be the difference between winning and losing the work. Depending on the time of day or deadline to show proof of insurance, being able to get insurance online is a huge benefit – and the main pro of the electronic delivery model for business insurance.


With uBiz, you have the ability to get the coverage you need for your business when you need it. Electronic delivery of business insurance won’t interrupt or delay your ability to serve your customers or get in the way of you closing a business deal.


As soon as you get your policy online, you will receive a Certificate of Insurance electronically along with you policy documents, making it easy for you to show proof of coverage to your clients.


Working with uBiz for business insurance is as simple as answering a few questions for an instant quote, customizing your coverage to meet your insurance needs, paying online and instantly receiving your insurance coverage.


Learn more by visiting How uBiz Works. Get a hassle free home-based business insurance quote anytime!

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