Welcome to the Freelance Era

Technology has had a profound impact on how people work, our careers, and our aspirations to be our own bosses. In an economy that is now more decentralized than ever, there has never been more opportunity for professionals to buck the traditional 9-5 and have more control over their careers.


How Decentralized Has the Economy Become?


According to Spera, “There are now over 53 million of us in the U.S. alone who do work and make money without ‘owning a business’ or reporting to an office with a boss every day. By 2020, it is estimated that over half the workforce will be working independent of a traditional employer, free agents of their trade.”


In Canada, there are now well over 1 million small businesses.


Today, being a freelancer and owning your own small business is a REAL and VIABLE career option.


What Is the Freelance Era?


The freelance era is here and now. It’s an era where traditional career paths and climbing the corporate ladder are no longer the only thing professionals should aspire to. People won’t work for the same company for their entire career, they will work for many different companies, and they might even work in a number of different industries.


It’s an era of innovation, non-linear career development, technological prowess, and a global marketplace.


Who Is Leading the Freelance Era?


The leaders and innovators of the freelance era aren’t CEOs and corporate leaders. They are:


• Freelancers
• Contractors
• Independent professionals
• Consultants and specialists
• Small business owners
• Self-made individuals


These professionals are leading the era from their home offices, coffee shops, and local store fronts. But they are doing business with clients from around the world.


The Freelance Era Benefits All Businesses


The economic downturn in the early 2000s caused everyone to take a second look at how they should do business. Companies in many industries were forced to cut back spending, have a leaner approach to doing business, and operate with fewer employees.


However, it also changed the way people looked at how business is done and how they could utilize talent to accomplish business objectives.


This led to the rise in large companies hiring independent professionals, freelancers, and small businesses to assist with projects on a contractual basis. Being able to hire externally for short term projects or part time work created more flexibility for large companies, and it opened the door for professionals who wanted more variety and freedom in the work they took on – creating a win-win situation for all.


New Freelance Era, the Same Needed Business Security


The more things change, the more they stay the same. This could not be truer for business insurance. Even though you may be approaching business in a new way and encroaching on new territory, there is still a need for dependable business insurance.


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